Meet the Pack

Lisa A

Foundations Trainer

Meet Lisa Albert, our basic manners (Foundations) trainer.  Lisa was a born animal lover, but her allergies prevented her from having dogs. Determined to share her home with a fur baby, she received shots for two years to build up her immunity. Although she continues to get allergy shots, she feels it's a small price to pay for the enjoyment she has playing with her canine friends. Lisa began volunteering and fostering dogs in 2005 for Capital District Humane Association. Even though hundreds of dogs have shared her home over the years, she prides herself on only "foster failing" three times. Her current dogs, ten year old Paddy, and fourteen year old Bon Jovi live the good life with Lisa.

Lisa has been a public school teacher for 26 years. In 2021 she decided to combine both her passions, teaching and dogs into canine training. After closely working with head trainer, Rebecca, for ten weeks, she began teaching Foundation classes on her own. Several dogs have happily earned their graduation diplomas in Lisa's classes. She strongly believes in creating positive bonds with dogs and strives to make every class fun for both the dogs and people.