Meet the Pack

Marijo English

Pack Leader

After running a concert and event merchandise company for almost 20 years, Marijo moved to Saratoga Springs with her daughter, Faith, in 2016. Saratoga Springs is a growing community that loves their dogs! As a pet owner of two dogs, I found myself driving 15-20 minutes to pick up my dog food. There were no local establishments that sell the premium brands I was looking for. I had recently rescued a dog that has a bit of a nervous nature. She didn't really trust anyone but me, so having her groomed was out of the question. I started looking for a place to take her where I could wash her myself - but the only location nearby was a tub in a closet of a crowded pet food store that catered to all animals. I found that I wasn't the only one having these concerns and challenges. Upon further investigation, I found that our town has a few boarding places and groomers and daycare, but none of these places offered more than one of these options. That is when the idea of Chow Bella was born. She opened Chow Bella during the pandemic, which was a challenge all in itself! Never one to back down from a challenge, she trudged on! Every day is a new adventure, but there is nothing better than coming to work and seeing all these wonderful dogs!