The Spa at Chow Bella

We love dogs and our full service salon is all ready to pamper your four legged friends! All pets in our care are treated with positive reinforcement, gentle handing, and the utmost respect.  We have many options to choose from - starting with a DIY bath, to a breed specific haircut! We recommend a consultation for your first groom to meet with the groomer and make a plan of what you would like done for your pooch! We will be offering grooming workshops on Saturday mornings and always have someone on hand to answer your questions!

The price of services are determined by breed, size, and coat condition. Please contact us for an accurate quote. De-mat changes may apply if necessary. Prices are subject to change and do not include sales tax.

Full Service Bath 
Bring your dog for a full service bath, brush and blow out! Service Includes: shampoo, condition, blow dry, brush out/de-shedding, nail trim/file, and ear cleaning. Book Now!


Clean Up Service

For the in-between groom -you can add face, feet and sanitary trim to your bathing package. Bathing service includes: shampoo, condition, blow dry, brush out/de-shedding, nail trim/file, and ear cleaning. 

Full Service Grooming
All the features of the full service bath plus a full body clip hairstyle customized to fit you and your pet's needs. Bathing service includes: shampoo, condition, blow dry, brush out/de-shedding, nail trim/file, ear cleaning, face, feet and sanitary trim. Book Now!

Puppy Bath 

Puppy's first bath can be a bit stressful, come in and let us help your puppy get acclimated to the water and the blow dryer! Bath Includes: Shampoo, nails clipped and filed (if they let us!), blow dry, and a good brush or comb out. Book Now!

Puppy's First Groom 

Acclimate your new pup to the grooming experience! Service Includes: shampoo blow dry, brush out, nail trim/file, ear cleaning, and a little eye, feet and sanitary trim to get used to the scissoring process. (Puppies up to six months old). Book Now!

Walk in Services

We offer a variety of services on a walk in basis - including nail trims! Call ahead to make sure you won't have to wait a long time or you can schedule an appointment online!

DIY Baths 

Come in and use our tubs, towels and products  and then leave the mess for us! Easy access tubs make it a breeze to give your furry friend a much needed bath.

We also have a drying table for those who allow the blow dryer!