Full Grooming Experience

Full Grooming Experience

Chow Bella Shop Stay & Play

Pricing is based on size - starting at $60.00

Call us to discuss what service may be best for your dog - every dog is different so these prices are just a guideline.

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Shampoo and Conditioner
Blow Dry
Brush Out / De-Shedding
Nail Trim / File
Ear Cleaning
Full Body Clip Hairstyle (customized to fit you and your pet's needs.)

Additional fees for matting in coat and double coated breeds.
Small Dog (up to 20 lbs) starts at $60
Medium Dog (21 to 45 lbs) starts at $70
Large Dog (46 to 70 lbs) starts at $80
X-Large Dog (71 to 90 lbs) starts at $90
Giant Dog (over 90 lbs) starts at $120

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