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Walk in Service

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Walk in Services 

Ear Cleaning ($10)

Reduces build up and helps prevent infection.

Nails Cut ($10)
The trim prevents splitting of the nails (add polish for $5)

Nails Cut and Filed ($15)
The trim prevents splitting of the nails and the file reduces scratches on hardwood floors, furniture and you! (add polish for $5)

External Gland Expression ($15)
Helps prevent impacted glands.

Teeth Brushing ($10)
Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums, along with fresh breath! 

Eye, Feet and Sanitary Trim ($15)
All dogs hair / fur grows at a different pace. Some faster than others. This is an easy, quick way to maintain certain areas between grooming appointments. 

*Add Nail Polish or Teeth Brushing to any of our spa packages for $5*

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